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A medical grade equipment, Indiba uses radio frequency technology to achieve Hyperthermia, up to 45°C for local tissue treatment. This process causes blood vessels to dilate facilitating improved blood circulation and heightened metabolism.

The technology has track record for promoting healthy and new tissue growth and destroying malignant cells, is extremely effective for scars, sports-related injuries, improving joint motions, facial uplift, cellulite and beauty slimming.

Our treatment using the gentle and exacting Japanese protocol, adds to the pleasure of Indiba’s treatment efficacy.



Highly effective to manage chronic muscle tension & stiff joints, focussing on the deepest layers of muscle tissues. Arresting three major causes of stiffness: muscle fatigue, poor blood circulation and peripheral nerve damage. Muscle flexibility is regained with continuous treatment. Also, effective to improve symptoms of arthritis.




Harnessing the effect of Hyperthermia, Indiba technology provides instant results by burning down cellulite and toxin removal. The dimpled cellulite skin becomes smoother and with improved downward circulation, muscles cramped by weight and gravity are toned and relaxed.






The RF treatment slowly heats up internal fats to shrink fat cells, resulting in a slimmer body silhouette. As it triggers biological responses that leads to tissue regeneration, regular treatments improve overall body vibrancy, internal organ revitalisation, reducing fatigue.





A non-surgical face lift with no down time. With more oxygen directed to the skin cells, collagen and elastin production is activated to the fibroblast layer, resulting in resilient youthful skin. Sagged skins are tightened and the face line is sharpened to give a more lifted radiant look.